I played a teaching game with my friend Robert.

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I welcome Philip back to Battletech from a 10 year hiatus.

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Okay, I met Don Saturday at gaming at Comic Cellar. His company transferred him down to Mississippi from Minnesota and he's a pretty wide ranged gamer. When the locals learn Don's from Up North, just about everyone has given him one of those "WTF are you doing HERE???" looks, like he has lost his mind coming down here.

During the discussion around the Eclipse game last night, I mentioned Battletech and Don lit up like a Christmas tree. He almost squeed when I mentioned Naval games like Victory at Sea, Flat Top, 5th Fleet/7th Fleet, Wooden Ships and Iron Men and Axis & Allies: War at Sea. So, we met Sunday at Mid-South Hobbies and played a quick 200 point battle to get him acquainted.

Here are our lists:

Mine Don

USS Intrepid

- F6F-3 Hellcat

- SB2C Helldiver

- SB2C Helldiver

- TBD Devastator

USS Arizona

USS San Francisco

USS Atlanta

USS Kidd

USS Fletcher

USS Hoel

USS Barb

USS Archerfish

196 points

IJN Zuikaku

- A6M2 Zeke

- A6M2 Zeke

- D4YI Judy

IJN Kongo

IJN Tone

IJN Jintsu

IJN Yahagi

IJN Shigure



H8KI Type 2 "Emily"


188 points

So this is how the setup looked from the American side:

game start sm

Of course, the first turn is for racing towards the objective markers. No picture because no fireworks.


Turn two saw these two buzzsaws come together. On my right flank, the Tone was out of range of my ships, and the Tone's fire was ineffective. On the left flank, my Hellcat shot down a Zeke and the Yahagi went down after being pummelled by Helldivers. The Jintsu fell to accurate fire from the San Fancisco and Kidd. The Kongo fell to the guns of the Arizona, plus the torpedoes of the Kidd and the Barb, but not before the Kongo got a vital armor hit on the Arizona and sinking her in one salvo. The Kidd was crippled by the secondary guns of the Kongo.

Here's the board for the end of 2:

end of 2 sm

Here's a closeup of the fireworks on my left flank:

end of 2a sm

The Turn 2 casualties left me in the lead, 74-44.

t2 casualties sm

Turn 3 Don doubled down, sending the Tone into direct contact with the Atlanta and Hoel, and locked together in Death's grim embrace, they accompanied each other together to Davy Jones's Locker. The Shigure and I-26 tried tangling with the Archerfish without success. The Fletcher moved into the area containing the center objective, while the San Francisco cruised to the left objective. The I-19 came after the Fletcher, only to get crippled in the process. I started moving the Intrepid up, just in case she needed to go after an objective.

end of 3 sm

Turn 3 casualties. I improved my lead by another 2 points:

t3 casualties sm

Turn 4 was a slaughter, leaving the Zuikaku as the only operational Japanese vessel. My Helldivers sunk the Shigure without breaking a sweat and my TBD Devastators teamed up with the Archerfish to sink the I-26. The Fletcher and its 5 ASW dice finished off the I-19 handily.

t4 casualties sm

In a 200 point game, the objectives are worth 100 points and the first to 300 points is the winner. I hit 338 points with capturing two objectives while sinking seven ships and downing one aircraft:

us win 338 points sm

Don turned out to be a glutton for punishment. He said he'll be back for more!


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On 6/26/16, I organized a Battletech battle. I asked for something to speed up play and possibly welcome new players. I asked each player to show up with two 10,000 point lists and a 20,000 point list. The first list was the players "most likely to play" list. The 20,000 point list was for the contingency of an odd number of players. If there were an odd number of players, one player would be chosen at random to use their big list. The second 10,000 point list was "just in case" a new player showed up or a player with no models also showed up. It turns out we needed the second lists.

We ended up with 6 players. Myself, Tony, Hunter and Pat were there with all of our units, then Greg (who had all his Battletech stuff stolen a while back) showed up and brought Wolf, who had never played before. Greg got my new player list, Wolf got Pat's new player list. It ended up being myself, Hunter and Wolf against Tony, Greg and Pat.

The Good Guys.

Hunters Forces My Forces Wolf's Forces
 hunters force  marks force  wolfs force

-Legacy (3/5)

-Viking (4/5)

-Dervish (4/5)

-Challenger MBT (4/5)

-Scimitar (4/5)

-Scimitar (4/5)

-Longbow LGB-12C (2/4)

-Marauder MAD-5S (3/4)

-Thunder THR-3L (4/5)

-Raven RVN-4L (3/4)

-Raven RVN-4L (3/4)

-Locust LCT-1S (4/5)

-Awesome AWS-9Q (2/4)

-Galahad GLH-2D (2/3)

-Bloodhound B1-HND (2/3)

-Venom SDR-9K (2/3)


The Bad Guys. ;-)

Tony's Forces Greg's Forces Pat's Forces
 tonys force  gregs force  pats force

-Hellstar (4/5)

-MadCat Mk 2 (4/5)

-Fire Falcon (4/5)

-Grendal (4/5)

-Atlas AS7-K (3/4)

-Archer ARC-9W (3/4)

-Dervish DV-8D (4/5)

-Centurion CN9-D5 (3/4)






While I don't know what everyone elses strategy was, I included a Thunder for Arrow IV for fire support and two Ravens to "play TAG" for him. The Marauder and Longbow were my hammer and anvil, and the Locust was a point filler and harasser.

Here is the board with the forces set up:

starting setup

Turn 1 was like most Battletech games advancing into range while maneuvering for position.

end turn1

Turn 2 is where the beatdown commenced. Tony's Hellstar caught the fire from my Longbow, the Awesome, my Marauder and the "Bloodhound" (I accidentally switched the Bloodhound and Venom). The Hellstar had a +5 PSR from all of the Bizarro Love it received. It was violently violated and received enough damage that it was put into forced withdrawal. That must be some kind of record, an assault mech going into FW on turn 2. Anyways, Tony returned the favor with the Hellstar and the Mad Cat focusing on my Longbow. While not heavily damaged, the Longbow stepped in a gopher hole while getting hit which caused him to fail his PSR and he went down.

The Thunder launched a guided missile on turn 1 when it's target (one of Pat's Mechs that I can't identify) was over 17 hexes away. The range closed to under 17 on turn 2 and a second Arrow IV was sent flying on direct fire. With a Raven sneaking up the middle against the butte to protect it from some of the opposing fire. At medium range, a 3/4 pilot and reasonable modifiers, the Raven pilot must have been drunk, because he missed with his TAG and the two Arrow IV missiles were lost to the Ether. The good news is all of the fire directed at that Raven missed entirely. He must have had some Drunk Monkey moves.

end turn2The Hellstar getting some love:

t2 hellstar down

Wolf's lone Galahad (with two Gauss Riles) is trying to hold off six other mechs by itself. I don't consider the Locust as more than an annoyance. The Galahad managed to put down Greg's Centurion with a crit to an ammo bin:

t2 dead centurionOne of the more exciting Turn 2's I've seen.

end turn2

In Turn 3, Greg advanced his Atlas up against the hill and was set upon by the Bloodhound and Venom (both returned to their 'normal form'), the Marauder and the Awesome. Despite the partial cover, he took enough damage (including a hit to the head) that he lost his PSR. The Raven chased after the retreating Hellstar, however his .34 BAC prevented him from actually hitting anything of consequence.

Tony's Fire Falcon did a Leroy Jenkins around the corner past the Galahad, only to come toe-to-toe with Hunter's Legacy and face-to-face with the Thunder and his BIG HONKING ARROW IV!!!. While he survived, the Fire Falcon pilot decided discretion was the better part of valor and did his best "feet don't fail me now!!!" impression and in later turns got out of there.

end turn3

In turn 4, the most notable shot in the game happened. Pat's Goliath strode in sight of the Longbow, which let loose with 2 LRM-20's and 2 LRM-15's, hitting with one 20 and one 15, doing a total of 21 points of damage. The four groups of five were no problem, being this was the first time in the game the Goliath had come under fire.

For the last, single point, I rolled a 2 for the location: Center Torso Critical. To see if/how many crits I caused, I rolled again, getting a 12. Three crits! I then rolled an Engine, a Gyro and a Machine Gun. Enough to put the Goliath into Forced Withdrawal.

In other parts of the board, Hunter's Challenger takes aim on the Fire Falcon, dropping him in his tracks, right before succumbing to a fulisade of fire from several enemy units. The Bloodhound goes down after getting shot in the back by the Mad Cat. The Atlas decides to stay down under cover of the hill, and opens up on the Raven that had come all the way around from the extreme right flank to try and kick the Atlas, killing the poor Raven.

The Thunder manages to fire an Arrow IV in direct fire into Pat's big Mech, irking it. Tony's Grendal jumps on top of a building, screaming "HIT ME!" to all of the local multitude of enemy mechs, who do their best to oblige him..

In other (and not unexpected news) Lushy McLush (the drunk Raven pilot) continues to pursue the retreating Hellstar, missing at a range of 1 and failing his PSR when he tries to kick him. He's going into rehab after this battle.

It was at this point we called the battle. For the Good guys, the dead consisted of the Challenger, Bloodhound, and Raven. The other side had two dead (Centurion and Fire Falcon) and assault mechs (Goliath and Hellstar) in forced withdrawal.

In the tale of the tape, this was very, very close. Unit wise it was 1 assault armor dead, 1 medium and one light mech dead versus 1 light and 1 medium dead and two assaults in forced withdrawal. Points wise, it was 156 points diference (5413 for good guys, 5217 bad guys) which out of the 30,000 points on each side, that worked out to a 0.0052% margin. If my shaving razor had that kind of tolerance I wouldn't nick myself as often.

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