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Still working on it

(I'm telling you this because I'm a big numbers and spreadsheet nerd.)

The work continues apace. In case you didn't know it, the Master Unit List currently has 8,485 listed Canon units. The Database in Roster Builder 4 is 4,594. I don't use many of them for various reasons. I don't have conventional infantry, DropShips, WarShips, Naval units and miscellaneous units like that. There are also many units that don't have BV listed, I do not include Base units for OmniMechs, and stuff like that. Units that would be hard to fit into a "regular" game of CBT or AS.

Since my last post here, I had to comb through my entire database to weed out the inconsistencies before I could do anything. Then I scraped to capture all of their Canon 'Mechs and cross-check my own AS data for all units. That brought me up to 5,226 line items. I rescraped the Master Unit List and I now have 1,770 units new that have been added since my last MUL scrape. Many of these are Battle Armor, as Catalyst decided to separate Battle Armor into [Squad 4], [Squad 5] and [Squad 6] entries.

My plan at this point in time is to get the data for the Battle Armor entries set, since there is very little difference between the squad sizes other than BV/PV. Now that I have the new data format set, I can start updating the code to work with the data. I also have some new features to add. This should take less than six months. I have for a while now been writing this code to handle Windows, MacOS and Linux. In other words, Roster Builder 5 will have apps for all three platforms. The Linux one will be last, because I have very little experience in that environment.

The bad news is, I have to do this after my day job, my family and the various RL house chores and "honey-do's." Unless you want to be my patron and pay me to do this work full time. At 8-10 hours a day, it should take almost no time at all. :-)

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