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Roster Builder moving to Beta Testing

Okay Mechwarriors, I think I got this. I have all of the files on the website and ready to go. I will be conducting a full run through from downloading the installer to installed and tested a bit to make sure it doesn't blow up too easily. Once I've don that, you can be a Beta tester by follofing the link below.

You will download a development copy of the application and can earn your name on the app as a Beta Tester. You have to do at least one of these two things:

  • Find at least one bug
  • Offer your honest assessment. What did I do right, where did I mess up, how things could be better.

So look for the text below to turn into a link and go for it! For some reason (Not because my BAC is above 0.2%), I can't get it to download when you click on this. Copy the link below, open a new tab and paste it in to download the installer.

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