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Roster Builder moving forward

Busy beyond belief. I don't even have that much time to play BT at all.

The good news is, I wrote a progam for me to automate and simplify the process to "scrape" new units off the Master Unit List website. I did that recently, and I have been paring down the new items. Some don't have BV listed, some are types I don't want to mess with (warships, dropships, wet Navy and the like) and I have to manually scan each of these. I am down to about 1,700 new units, most are actually the "Squad 5/Squad 6" versions of the Battle Armor I already have. While I am about half-way through the process, there are still many more fields to capture.

More good news, I have cleared my personal task list enough that I can see the task for a new set of walk-through videos for RB5. After Witt and Kevin reported a bunch of bugs that I have squashed, I can head into the final Beta Test phase by forcing errors while demonstrating the usage of it.

More good news 2, I have upgraded from a MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro, and a friend is going to remote in this week and get python running on it for me. Once the videos are done and I have confirmed no more bugs, I can toss the code over to the MacBook and get to work on it there. It's all cosmetic for the Mac, because the working code will be 104% by then.

I originally promised "4th quarter 2023" when I started this, and I can see that happening. It will be Christmas, but it's that close.

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