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Priority SitRep

4/24/24. I got things working again. I think. I hope. I pray. Email me if you find something messed up.

RB 5.0 Progress Update #4, 5 AND 6!

Crap. I thought I posted this. I go to make today's post and see that I didn't. So, here's three weeks all together.

Yep. Been busy. Missed last week entirely and this week by a day. That's okay. I'm making progress.

RB5 Update 45

Right now I'm in a "coasting phase," as I'm tackling functions that the biggest recode is for the new data format. I fixed the printing of the TO&E, and I'm most of the way through the CBT Roster function, I have formatting to correct and minor bugs to squash. I did put the custom unit import on hold. I have to let my brain grok how to make that work.

New mouseover

Here is what the new mouseover will look like. Since there is a default pilot now (not just when you start making a roster, but as part of your profile) when you build your roster, the mouseover will reflect the actual points you will pay with your default pilot. The heat scale is also in there now. 


Update #6. 

I had actually managed to complete the Build a CBT roster, then started working on the Alpha Strike roster, I realized I had to add several fields, so I actually have to go through the TO&E stage all over again. Not today. And it is "revisions" like this that is behind why I planned "4th Quarter 2023" from the start for this to come out. It will be released, because I will see this to completion and I have other things to do.

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