These are my honest reviews of the things I use. I receive no discounts or kickbacks from anybody I review.

If I do, I'll tell you up front. I realize that my opinion and $7.85 will get you a cup of hot, flavored, caffinated

liquid at certain places, so take it for what it's worth.

The appliance printer

TL;DR, this Ender 2 Pro is amazing. I set it up and got it printing while I was playing a board game.

Lychee Slicer Review

The new hotness in Slicers.

Extra Resin Printer Vats

In my book See Mark Paint, I recommended these aftermarket vats. Now I put them to the test.

Flechs Sheets

A Megamek-type bookeeping supplement to the FtF tabletop game. Great concept. Good execution. Still growing. Room to get better.

Iliada Game Studio Terrain

Wonderfully detailed MDF buildings in different scales and genres.

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