I have wonderful news for you!

First, I messed up. How is this wonderful? I have corrected it. Please IMMEDIATELY DELETE Roster Builder 6.0.3 if you have it, as it will give you the wrong BV value for all pilots other than 4/5.

Second, I finally figured out how to perform verification for the C3 networks. It will not let you know up top if you have an acceptable or unacceptable C3/C3i/Boosted C3 networks. Due to certain constraints, I had to cut the available Boosted C3 networks from 3 to 2, but I'm sure 99% of you won't notice.

Battletech Roster Builder Version 6.1

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If you are using my Battletech Roster Builder 6.0.2 or earlier, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY! It is using an old BV Skills Multiplier Table, so if you are using anything other than a 4/5 pilot, your points are WRONG! I sincerely apologize for this. Please download 6.0.3 now!

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Okay Ladies, Gentlemen and Gamers!

After several months of hard work and the help of some friends and acquaintences, I have FINALLY decided to put BattleTech Roster Builder 6.0 on line and ready for general consumption. Here it is. This is a ZIP file that has the sheet and a new feature, DOCUMENTATION!

I have also added a bunch new features, like how the spreadsheet automatically renames the Battalion tabs, I sped up the process by cleaning up the back end and lots more.

Questions, comments and cash may be directed to my name at this domain.

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Okay, I managed to finally complete the two battle reports that have been in my queue for a while. See them below, The Long Way and Get The Centurion!

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I have been working behind the scenes to rearrange and upgrade things. I have added new articles, rewrote other articles and added lots of pictures. I am also not done yet. More articles, pictures and rewrites are coming down the road, as I do them in my copius free time. If you notice, there are now four sections under the banner. I have decided to separate scenarios and campaigns we develop into their own section.


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