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6/2/24. Found a free hour or two. Actively working on site. Email me if you find something messed up.

I got *A* printer working!

I took this past week away from work (most people say "off," however I tell people, "I'm always off...") and did many things around the house. Including spending some time with my 3D printers. If you don't know or didn't remember, I have three printers, a Creality Ender 2, an Ender 3, and an Anycubic Photon.

I went through the basic alignment and setting of the Z for the Photon, and did a test print, which went well. I had most of a bottle that was due to expire next month, as the resin has generally a 12-month lifespan before it goes bad. I then started printing walls for terrain. There were a couple of "oops's" that I think were caused by the vat I was using. I switched vats, and I started getting consistent successful prints. I was so prolific I ran that bottle out and ordered two more. I have achieved my initial goal, and was able to print a perimeter wall for a base:

resin peremiter wall

My next-to-last last print for this, I didn't pay attention and just started the last print I needed to finish this project, without checking the amount of resin in the vat. When I pulled the last print off, I looked into the vat and saw this:

almost oops

Yeah. "Oops" is an understatement. It all worked out okay, this was the "casualty":

wall oops close

Easily passed off as "damage." This wall will be added to my queue of Things To Paint and hopefully be seen on a battlefield sooner rather than later.

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