Quick note. I screwed up the file name when I uploaded the fixed See Mark Paint. I just realized it and it's fixed and tested.

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First of all, I'm busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest. I'm doing the best I can.

Second, I FINALLY figured out why the links aren't working in See Mark Paint. They are fixed and uploaded.

Third, I am deep into a total rewrite of See Mark Paint. I am adding an entire chapter on PPE and safety because I'm learning about my 3D printer and there are bad consequences if you don't do things right. I am also adding a chapter (obviously) on 3D printing. I am almost finished with my 4th rewrite. The formatting and editing will soon follow.

Fourth, I have Roster Builder 3.0 for Windows 99% ready. This is also a total rewrite so I can just transfer the code to my Mac and Unix environments and compile them there. The Win version will be out soon, I have to get cracking on installing the interpeter and compiler in the other environments and getting them to work there. Another stumbling block is the help files and I'm taking another shot at a video walkthru.

Fifth, I know the sections just below the main banner are not working properly. I'm on this as well, but's low on the list.

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This past weekend, I got three friends together at one of the FLGS' and we got to play some Battletech. We currently have four stores, there's been times where we have had zero.

David I have already had some battles with, James who last played years ago, and Mike, who was very interested in playing and this was his first game. We were doing 4k BV each, and I specified 3 Mechs, nothing special. It was Mike and I against David and James.

I didn't take detailed batrep notes because I was concentrating on teaching the game. There was this one shining moment for Mike:

Mike1stkillDavid was intending to send that Locust around the back of Mike's Uziel/Gurkha/Wolverine team, so he's running and has a +4 mod to hit. Mike had different ideas. Mind you, this is his first game, 3rd turn. The Uziel rings the bell of the pilot with an SRM to the head. The Gurkha then pulls the trigger on his PPC and also hits the head. Almost perfect decapitation, there were some paint scratches from a couple other SRM hits from the Uziel.

Mike also got the other kill in the game as well. He surrounded another of David's Mechs and did the Vin Diesel "500 fights" beatdown until the poor guy ran out of CT structure. A fine example of focused fire. If that second Mech had actually survived the shooting phase, he was going to get kicks from the Wolverine and Uziel, and the Gurkha was going to stick his sword in the poor guy's back.

At that point, time was called. A fun day for all.

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These posts, I'm afraid to say are so infrequent that I feel I have to preface each one with "I'M NOT DEAD YET!" But that happens when you're working on a second website, an application, a book, looking for a job while fighting for ten weeks to be approved for unemployment, house maintenance, and 15 other things. I don't get a lot of time for modeling and posting here.

I managed to score some cash and acquired an Anycubic Photon printer a couple weeks ago. I've also been acquiring the ancillary accoutrements to make miniatures and I've actually produced a few.


I have about 80-90% of my seven current battalions, so I'm going to learn the ins and outs of the printer in filling my TO&E's out. Yes, this information will end up in the 4th Edition of See Mark Paint.

I'm actually kind of sad and dismayed about doing this. I personally like metal miniatures. I like their heft, their feel and their look. I also know that the advancement and decentralization of technology and information is pushing all of us away from the metal miniature. The production costs for injection-molded and now 3D printed miniatures are way lower and all that. For $30, I can get a liter of resin and use it to make almost a battalion's worth of miniatures, way less that buying metal from Iron Wind Metals. To me, it's just not right. I've met the people at IWM and they're good people. I hope they are going to survive this current crisis and remain profitable for many years to come. I am actually planning on making a run up there and just buying $1,000 worth of product just because I like them. Of course, seeing friends and buying Stroh's are also on the list when I'm in that part of the world.

Since I'm here, I'm also updating  and adding a few other pages. Here's my fleet of dropships:


(L ro R) Overlord-class TCB Fred Smith, Union-class TCB Benjamin Franklin.

In case you didn't know, I live in Memphis and the most-used three letter acronym here is "TCB," Elvis' phrase of "Takin Care of Business." Since Dropships deliver, I named these after very famous delivery guys. Fred Smith is the founder of FedEx, based in Memphis. Ben Franklin is the guy who's responsible for the US Postal Service.

TCB Leroy JenkinsLeopard-class TCB Leeroy Jenkins

Yes, that Leeroy Jenkins. The pinnacle of foolhardy charging into battle are those that ride Leopards into hot LZs.

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I shamelessly plug, push and pull people for praise on See Mark Paint. I really want feedback, positive and especially negative. If I did something wrong or bad, I want to know so I can fix it and not disillusion or even hurt a new gamer. The praise helps inspire other visitors here to grab and read it. I also get inspired that others like my work as well.

That being said, I don't get to see a lot of the "fruit" from my ebook. Mr. Spenser Sparks not only did a very glowing review, he sent me some pictures on his latest miniature after he put to use what's in my book. Click on each image for full size in a new tab.

"I've watched dozens if not hundreds of video tutorials how-to guides on basing, glazing, blending, you name it.

Your E-book is the most comphrehensive and well-explained guide to miniature craft and painting I have ever seen! You really should be proud of this and are a legend for this kind of contribution to the painting and wargaming community!

Just in reading the first introduction section I learned six different very useful tips. Using a sponge to form a point and Legos while gluing, these are just amazing tips for someone like me to name a few!

I can't tell you enough how much I personally appreciate your work in this E-book and the dedication you took to make it!" -- Spencer Sparks

spencer1 spencer2 
spencer3 spencer4
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