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 The reimagined 101st Irregulars.

The original 101st Irregulars was thought up in 1989, when I first started buying miniatures for this game called "Battletech." The logo, a splash of red on the left torso and three horizontal white lines. The red represented the assassination of the leader of the Irregulars by the House that had emplyed them, their leader was shot through the heart by the Baron running the planet and the destruction of most of the unit in the ensuing ambush and slaughter. The white lines represented the three years of hiding and guerrilla warfare the survivors undertook to survive, evading the House forces and scrounging for parts and supplies. Eventually, a dropship that was willing to take the risk dropped onto the planet and extracted them.

Now, change "House" to "Clan," while the rest of the base story remains the same. This is why there is a mix of Inner Sphere and Clan units, because the Irregulars frustrated the Planetary Governor to no end with repeated raids and occasionally stealing a garrison unit.

Pictures soon.

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