Kirsten's Krushers

This battalion is a rebirth of my first unit, the 101st Irregulars.

Group W

I'm sure you're heard of Group W, the ruthlessly efficient mercanaries known as the "Lightning Warriors." These guys aren't them.

101st Irregulars

 The reimagined 101st Irregulars.

Team Banzai

This battalion is led by the brilliant "Doctor Banzai." Neurosurgeon, scientific genius, test pilot, rock star and more.

1st Davion Guards

This is my only House unit, the 1st Davion Guards.

The Purple Nurples

These guys I picked during a flea market at The War Room on a lark. No pictures yet, as they're not camera-ready, yet. I have a few things to fix, touch-up and stuff like that.

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