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Never Again, Wizkids.

Well, I'm done with WizKids (again).

I got away from them back in the 2004-2005 time frame when I got sick and tired of them and MechWarrior:Dark Age. The gobs of cash I spent on boosters and cases, hoping I was able to get the units I was looking for. I primarily played Spirit Cats. I will admit that I was such an enthusiastic supporter back then, when they came out with "baseball clix" (which died very quickly) I was almost screaming for them to hit up the baseball card shops to sell this product. They didn't, and I don't think it made it past a second release.

There were several things that caused me to drop out. One was the Spirit Cats never got a transport for themselves that was able to carry their own artillery. Second, when the FAQ/Errata document became longer than the rulebook, that seemed an indication of poor planning and lack of significant play-testing. The straw that broke the camel's back this time is two reasons: system gaming cards/units sold at Cons only, or OP prizes and the WK debacle at GenCon.

A good friend and Masonic brother went up to GenCon this year, and he promised me the WK GenCon exclusive: a set of clear ships to represent them when they are cloaked. He was going to get both of us a set. By the time he hit the floor, they were gone. It turns out they only had a microscopic amount, which they spread out only the first two days and most of those went to the other vendors and the VIG ticket holders. Some of the staff were also very impolite, which I will not stand for. If you want my money, you treat me with respect. No respect, no money. So, I will never purchase a product made by WizKids again. You want to buy a STAW set? I'll even throw in the tackle box I bought for it.

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