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Feline Battletech

Cats and Miniatures DO NOT mix...

Okay, my son Ernie and I were finishing up a twice interrupted game of Battletech tonight. We were in the garage with the big door open. A couple of neighborhood stray kittens who are fed by our neighbors wandered into the garage. One of them was interested (well, as much as cats can get interested about anything that isn't themselves) in the game, and particularly Ernie.

Ernie Shoulders 2

This kitten (now named "Shoulders") jumped on the back of Ernie's chair, clawed its way up his back and perched herself on his shoulder and refused to be budged from that position. She (yes, I looked at her feet) would also walk back and forth across the battlefield between Ernie and myself. This one has also walked right into our house while the door was open (as we were bringing groceries in and whatnot). Considering that there are already two Chihuahua's in the house who would love to have a cat for dinner, I am in no hurry to bring this one inside. But, like a cat, it just might invite itself to stay.

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