The Memphis Way

Metagaming is a term used to mean “the game above the game.”

So, a local group such as Memphis does things a certain way. We use certain optional and house rules. If you were to go to Nashville to play, they probably use a different set of optional and house rules. Thus, the "meta game" is different in Nashville versus Memphis. I thought I would codify "The Memphis Way."

Pushing the rules to their limits and in unconventional ways leads to terms like "broken," "beardy," "cheese," "min-max" and other terms. In Warhammer 40,000, a "min-max" list would contain the smallest possible core units (two Troops and an HQ), to allow the points for an unstoppable uber-killy Elite unit that wipes out the other players' entire force without breaking a sweat. In Battletech, that might look like a weaponless light Mech that us blindingly fast and loaded with ECM gear so that is unhittable even at range 1, which is connected via a C3 network to two or three Assault Mechs who stand back in cover at maximum range to you and short range for them, then concentrate fire and destroy a unit every turn.

You are free to copy/steal these ideas and use/modify them in your own meta game.

1. No Power Gamers. We play by the adage, "The object of the game is to win, the purpose of the game is to have fun. Never confuse the two." You can read my thoughts on power gamers here. Let me be clear: If you come to Memphis and power game in Battletech, you will be hard pressed to find a second opponent. We do this for fun. Winning is icing on the cake.

2. Rules should enhance, not detract from the game. Our local rules are a set of optional rules out of the Core Rulebooks. The one exception is a card-based initiative. We got tired of figuring ratios to determine when someone should move two units instead of one. Our house rules are more procedural than actual rules.

These are our usual "Procedural" house rules, which (along with other enhancers) can be found here:

  • Status dice to reflect movement and PSR modifiers.
  • Firing Chits to declare fire.
  • No "Boxes of Death." It harshes the other players grooves.

That's all I can think of right now. All items subject to change. One per customer. YMMV.

We are actually quite easy to get along with. If you make it to Memphis, after you visit Elvis and the Peabody Ducks, come by War Room Hobbies, where you can find most of us on any given Saturday. War Room Hobbies Discord server is here. If you visit the Battletech Pandemonium Memphis Chapter Facebook Page, and let us know when you'll be in town, we might be able to arrange some opponents for you.

Here are the rules we generally employ: Battletech Code of Common Play. (Right click and "Save As...")

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