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on 04.02.2021
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In my book See Mark Paint, I recommended these aftermarket vats. Now I put them to the test.

I bought these Elegoo Resin Vats not only to test them, but also I wanted to quickly switch between colors during printing sessions.

I currently print in three different colors and having these allows me to quickly change colors by just changing vats instead of the time-consuming drain-and-fill for each color change.

The Elegoo vats are functionally equivalent to my factory Photon vat. I got them for $20 each ($40 for the pair) as opposed to $40+ for a single Photon vat. A specific reason I bought these was also to lay my hands on their sealing lids. These lids allow you to keep resin in your vats for a couple weeks at a time. The covers keep light out as long as you snugly fit the lids on the vats, which allows the vats to sit in a non-direct sunlight area and resting on a towel of some type to protect the FEP. The covers are airtight enough to keep the resin from losing its’ properties by outgassing.

The FEP is replaceable identically to how you replace the FEP on a Photon vat, so there’s that.

There are two minor shortcomings which do not affect the usefulness or effectiveness of these vats in the Photon.

First, the Elegoo vats lack the built-in “semi-funnel” chamfered in one corner to help pour the unused resin from the vat (through your filter!) back into the bottle without spillage. You just have to be a bit more careful when using the Elegoo vat.

Second, because these are plastic, they are not “magnetically” the same as the Photon vat. You will find a couple “points of increased resistance” as the magnets in the Photon hold onto the FEP frame. Make triple sure the Elegoo vat is fully pushed in and secured by the thumbscrews because ruinous damage can result to your machine if the build plate comes down on the vat (rather than in it) because it’s out of position.

Conclusion: These are a must get!

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