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on 20.10.2018

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My E-Book meant for those starting out in the hobby. Version 4 has arrived!

If you are just staring out in the hobby, this book is for you. I wrote this to provide a solid foundation for those who are just starting out in miniatures wargaming.

In this E-book, I talk about your first steps in the hobby and the mindset you should consider. Properly employed, this book will keep you in the hobby for years (and not sleeping on the couch). I also let you know the tools and materials you need to paint and how to take a bunch of loose parts through assembly, basecoating, detail painting and finishing. At the end are a couple of extra tips to inspire you.

If you are a website, please link to this page, rather than host the file directly, or link to the file directly. That will help me with my metrics and make sure anyone coming here will get the latest update if I make changes.

Accolades for See Mark. See Mark Paint:

“As a new recruit and fresh graduate of the ‘Mech Academy, Instructor-General Havener’s guide was invaluable in keeping me from painting my new chariot like a scrub. I can’t wait to read version two, if I live that long.” – Jayus “Deathrattle” Steinerton

"Great job with this book. I wish I had a resource like it when I was just starting out." -- Mark Hacker

"Thanks for assembling this! I've found it really helpful and inspiring!" -- Andrew Bradt

"You've done a great service putting this book together! Fantastic stuff!" -- Rodney Desjarlais

"I've watched dozens if not hundreds of video tutorials how-to guides on basing, glazing, blending, you name it.

Your E-book is the most comphrehensive and well-explained guide to miniature craft and painting I have ever seen! You really should be proud of this and are a legend for this kind of contribution to the painting and wargaming community!

Just in reading the first introduction section I learned six different very useful tips. Using a sponge to form a point and Legos while gluing, these are just amazing tips for someone like me to name a few!

I can't tell you enough how much I personally appreciate your work in this E-book and the dedication you took to make it!" -- Spencer Sparks

Version 4 has arrived! I've done more than James Mitchner, so I've stopped counting. This one has a sedicated safety chapter and a chapter on how to "Roll Your Own" with 3D printing. I am now also offereing this in multiple formats and font sizes. I hit over 200 pages with my original 18 point font, so I dropped the font size and saved 50 pages. As soon as I get the formatting worked out, I will include a .mobi format so it can be used with any ebook reader.

See Mark. See Mark Paint. PDF 244 pages.     See Mark. See Mark Paint. MOBI. (Soon)
See Mark. See Mark Paint. PDF 187 pages.   See Mark. See Mark Paint. MOBI. (Soon)

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