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Do you know off-hand the difference between a Bushwacker -X1 and a Bushwacker -L1? How about a Locust -5W2 and a Locust -5M3? I didn't think so. I have an answer you might like.

The Battletech Roster Builder (Version 4.0.2!) is a stand-alone application I have created to help you maintain your inventory of miniatures and to easily and quickly generate lists. It has come a long way from the Excel spreadsheet I put together years ago.

You can have up to ten Organizations (Battalion-sized groups), and a number of units based on what "style" of Organization you choose. You can enter your own non-canon units as well.

Once you have your forces detailed, you can generate a battle list of up to twelve units. You can adjust Gunnery, Piloting, Battle Armor squad size and assign the unit to a C3 network (three available!). The app will do all the math for you, then print out the forms you choose to take to the table. You can also hang external ordinance on your aircraft. You can also go full BattlePaperwork now and set up your TOE (Table of Organization and Equipment) for each organization.

Future releases will include a roster size of up to fifteen units, Alpha Strike rosters, and more stuff that either I think up or you ask for.

If you report a bug or suggest a feature I incorporate, you get my thanks and a spot in the Hall of Heroes.

Hall of Heroes

  • Cody B, bug finder
  • Roman R., Compiled app for Mac OSX.
  • H2CO3, for finding a bug with AS rosters in version 4.

There are videos now!

My only suggestion to is contact me here or in the app if you have any questions or comments. If you feel I should be compensated for my effort, I accept payment in miniatures, cash, cash equivalents, etc.

There is also a pair of walk-thru videos so you can see how Roster Builder 3.0 runs. PART 1 PART 2.

I also made a 3.6 update, that's here.

You can either right-click and select "Save File As..." or just click on it and it will drop into your default downloads folder.

Battletech Roster Builder (Windows), 4.0.2 Battletech Roster Builder (Mac OSX) 2.0

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