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An overdue tool for new players. Make this available to every new player.

So this showed up in my Facebook feed a while back. I joke to people that you “need a graduate-level degree in Differential Calculus” to figure out what the to-hit number is to shoot someone. IsWas and John Backrock solved that with an amazingly simple solution.

Right-click and “Save As…” the images above and below.


Spanish Version                                                German Version

Then, visit Michael’s and Office Depot (or Amazon) for the following components:

Michaels: 1/2” (12.7mm) magnets and a dry erase board. There is a similar board from Office Depot, but the corners are too rounded and would make things harder.
Office Depot: Avery Magnetic sheets and Stickers.

Print the file onto a Magnetic Sheet (after a test print onto a regular sheet, of course) at 100% normal size and 1 page. If you use the “Fit To…” option, it will print the image too big and it won’t fit in the frame. Then trim 3/8” (9.5mm) (below) off of each edge. This doesn’t have to be exact, you’re just looking to trim just enough off to fit the edge into the frame but not too much that there’s nothing to fit into the frame.
I did this with a straight-edge and a hobby knife. Once this is trimmed to size, you can tuck the sheet into the frame. Just press down gently and slide under the frame. It will take some wrangling, especially toward the end. Be patient. I recommend you use a Magnetic Sheet versus a regular sheet of paper because I tried both and the paper got wrinkled fitting it into the frame and it looked bad. Plus the Magnetic Sheet will hold up longer to use than plain paper.

Just as an extra note from personal experience, don’t scrimp and use just the magnetic sheet on a non-metallic clipboard. The sheet does not have the strength to hold the magnets. A metallic clipboard will work, but I think this looks better.

Once the sheet is in the frame, take 13 of the magnets, put the stickers on both sides of the magnets and then put them on the numbers on the right.
To use, move the magnets starting at the top and left, over to the various parts of the GATOR. The highest number revealed is your to-hit number.
So, here we have a unit with a gunnery of four who walked and is targeting a unit that moved 8 hexes and is at medium range. This means you need a 10+ to hit.
You might want to make 2 or even 3 of these to take into battle.

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