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Some 3d-printed hexes I whipped up to help organize your forces.

A quick 3D printing thing of mine, I made some wafer-thin (and non-edible) hexes that you can drop into your foam hex trays. These are sized for Battlefoam’s trays, but some quick work with a TSSS app you can make these to fit. You can either print them in white, or spray paint them after curing. Then you write on it (fine-tipped Sharpie) what goes there and drop them into the holes so you can quickly see not only what unit goes where, but if any are missing. I have left a couple of my original (from the 80’s) ‘Mechs on the table because I missed them. This will make a great signal that something is missing. Here are the different sizes. A couple of letters/numbers for the organization, the name of the miniature and a drop of color that's the base color for the organization.

Hex Wafers

Here are the links to the files: Small, Medium and Large.

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