Priority SitRep

6/2/24. Found a free hour or two. Actively working on site. Email me if you find something messed up.

Working on things

I am engaged on many fronts. I could really use someone to give me lots of cash so I can spend all day working on Content for here, Roster Builder, See Mark Paint and all the rest.

Things have been messed up with this website, because how this one interacts with my other websites. Don't ask me to explain, I don't know. I was down to randomly slinging stuff at the wall to see what stuck. I think I have that working now.

I am also trying to clean up the structure here, rework the shortcuts and make it so people on mobile can see the thumbnails on the front page.

I found some issues with the Roster Builder installer, so I am working on that and because of the changes with that, I have to tweak the application as well.

I am starting to draw the outlines for the next edition of See Mark Paint.

I have several boxes of miniatures to paint.

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