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Progress has been made!

Okay, I have managed to bring out the various groups of articles for this website to the front page and make them work. There's still work to be done, but you can at least get there from here.

Also, thanks to Catalyst splitting every BA into Squads of 4, 5 and 6, not to mention the new additions to the Master Unit List, I am having to recombine the entire main database for Roster Builder. I am making progress. I am looking at another 2,300 worth of line items that I have to do the research on. More than a few will not make the cut, as they are too specialized, but many more will cause me headaches.

I am also combining the data so each MUL line item has both the CBT and AS information I need. Once this is done, I have to go back through the entire pile of code for Roster Builder that I have to handle the database alterations.

And it will be AWESOME!

I have not stopped working to bring you what you need. Progress continues on all projects and in a positive direction. I hope to release the next versions of both See Mark Paint and Roster Builder by the end of 2023. That may seem to be a long time for you, however I will be working furiously all day every day to get there from here.


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