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on 29.08.2019
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I have finally gotten to the point where I can call the core function of building a roster "complete."** You give Roster Builder a roster size, a variance percent, a year of the battle, rules level, what types of units you want to use and which of your organizations you want to draw from. It will then present a "pool" of up to 120 units to select, and a maximum roster size of 12 units in the final roster.

I am designing this to help with pick-up games. If you're doing something bigger than a company in a fight, you need more than this tool.

** I struck thru "complete" above because as I was trying to generate a screenshot I could show you, I found a rather glaring bug (this is why it's still in "Alpha" and not "Beta") in the code I just finished. Despite that, I did want to keep a running update of my "punch list" of things to complete before I can move on to the "Beta testing" where I turn copies over to volunteers to try and break, then document and return what broke and what they did to break it.

Punch list:

  • Fix Rules level bug
  • Fix BV error
  • Create new profile
  • Open to existing profile
  • Delete profile
  • Create/Edit/Delete organizations
  • Add/Delete units to organizations
  • Print roster to printer
  • Write documentation and help files

And for later versions:

  • Add (multiple) C3 networks
  • Add 5 man/6 man selections for Battle Armor
  • Retrieve, edit and save previous rosters
  • And a few other things I'll think of on the way to here

I'd love to get this done by next week, however the entire programming, project management and administration staff is... just me. I could get it done a lot faster if someone would pay my bills for me so I don't have to do the whole "day job" thing for a month or two. Or three.

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