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6/2/24. Found a free hour or two. Actively working on site. Email me if you find something messed up.

67% Solved!

One of my biggest issues with this website *CURSE THE TEMPLATE DESIGNER! MAY THE FLEAS OF A THOUSAND CAMELS INFEST HIS PRIVATES!* was that we (you and I) couldn't get anywhere on mobile devices. The graphics I had to point the way to things like See Mark Paint and Roster Builder wouldn't show, and for some reason I couldn't get the "hamburger menu" to show up either.

Well, I finally sat down last night, brought forth my Vulcan IDIC training and brute-forced my way through. I now have a mobile and tablet hamburger that reaches everything that needs to be reached... Except the desktop side now looks like garbage. My pretty graphics are now gone, and I actually redid them too...

That's why the title is "67% solved." I will try later.

In other news, sporatic progress has been made in regards to 3D printing, so I can start work on the next edition of See Mark Paint, and the major bug for the Roster Builder installer. I actually have to rework sections of the main application because of the changes I had to make to download the app itself during the installation process, which is what is causing the gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes.

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