War At Sea

on 03.07.2016
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A change of pace. From futuristic Battlemechs to WWII ships.

Okay, I met Don Saturday at gaming at Comic Cellar. His company transferred him down to Mississippi from Minnesota and he's a pretty wide ranged gamer. When the locals learn Don's from Up North, just about everyone has given him one of those "WTF are you doing HERE???" looks, like he has lost his mind coming down here.

During the discussion around the Eclipse game last night, I mentioned Battletech and Don lit up like a Christmas tree. He almost squeed when I mentioned Naval games like Victory at Sea, Flat Top, 5th Fleet/7th Fleet, Wooden Ships and Iron Men and Axis & Allies: War at Sea. So, we met Sunday at Mid-South Hobbies and played a quick 200 point battle to get him acquainted.

Here are our lists:

Mine Don

USS Intrepid

- F6F-3 Hellcat

- SB2C Helldiver

- SB2C Helldiver

- TBD Devastator

USS Arizona

USS San Francisco

USS Atlanta

USS Kidd

USS Fletcher

USS Hoel

USS Barb

USS Archerfish

196 points

IJN Zuikaku

- A6M2 Zeke

- A6M2 Zeke

- D4YI Judy

IJN Kongo

IJN Tone

IJN Jintsu

IJN Yahagi

IJN Shigure



H8KI Type 2 "Emily"


188 points

So this is how the setup looked from the American side:

game start sm

Of course, the first turn is for racing towards the objective markers. No picture because no fireworks.


Turn two saw these two buzzsaws come together. On my right flank, the Tone was out of range of my ships, and the Tone's fire was ineffective. On the left flank, my Hellcat shot down a Zeke and the Yahagi went down after being pummelled by Helldivers. The Jintsu fell to accurate fire from the San Fancisco and Kidd. The Kongo fell to the guns of the Arizona, plus the torpedoes of the Kidd and the Barb, but not before the Kongo got a vital armor hit on the Arizona and sinking her in one salvo. The Kidd was crippled by the secondary guns of the Kongo.

Here's the board for the end of 2:

end of 2 sm

Here's a closeup of the fireworks on my left flank:

end of 2a sm

The Turn 2 casualties left me in the lead, 74-44.

t2 casualties sm

Turn 3 Don doubled down, sending the Tone into direct contact with the Atlanta and Hoel, and locked together in Death's grim embrace, they accompanied each other together to Davy Jones's Locker. The Shigure and I-26 tried tangling with the Archerfish without success. The Fletcher moved into the area containing the center objective, while the San Francisco cruised to the left objective. The I-19 came after the Fletcher, only to get crippled in the process. I started moving the Intrepid up, just in case she needed to go after an objective.

end of 3 sm

Turn 3 casualties. I improved my lead by another 2 points:

t3 casualties sm

Turn 4 was a slaughter, leaving the Zuikaku as the only operational Japanese vessel. My Helldivers sunk the Shigure without breaking a sweat and my TBD Devastators teamed up with the Archerfish to sink the I-26. The Fletcher and its 5 ASW dice finished off the I-19 handily.

t4 casualties sm

In a 200 point game, the objectives are worth 100 points and the first to 300 points is the winner. I hit 338 points with capturing two objectives while sinking seven ships and downing one aircraft:

us win 338 points sm

Don turned out to be a glutton for punishment. He said he'll be back for more!


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