Remember: Going around things is better than going through them.

Greg and I were both wanting to get in some Battletech, so we met on the battlefield at the store he has that's not open yet. I also just got a new battlemat to play on and a laser tool to check LOS.

Mark Greg
 mgb mark sm  mgb greg sm

All Pilots 4/5
Barghest -3T
Griffin -6S
Crab -27sl
Total Points: 4,990

Pilots as noted
Cyclops -10Z (4/5)
Zeus -8S (3/4)
Crusader -3R (4/5)
Total Points: 4,895

Turn 1: Greg sprinted his Cyclops and Crusader forward, his Crusader heading to his left flank. I sprinted all of my units to my left flank. The Zeus took an LRM shot at 12 that missed.

Turn2: I moved forward, using the cover of the building to isolate the Cyclops while Greg reformed his units. The Barghest had his paint scratched.

mgb eot 3

Turn 3: Greg inexplictetly sprints his Cyclops to the other side of the building that I am hiding behind. The only thing I can do at this point is saunter my Crab and Griffin into short range of the Cyclops and ... all of my shots miss.

Turn 4: Greg's Zeus tries flanking me while the Cyclops is doing a Leroy Jenkins, letting my Crab (with two Large Pulse lasers, and Medium Pulse and regular Medium) backstab him. I guess he's the "Backstab Crab" from now on. The Crab also kicks the Cyclops.

Turn 5: I think the Cyclops pilot got into some Bath Salts or something. After being beat for 68 points of damage last turn, his best method to run away is to charge through the building. He fails his piloting roll, taking damage. Luckily, there's no basement to fall into. The Barghest then shoots him in the back (Right leg) with a Heavy Gauss and everyone else shoots the building, trying to collapse it on the Cyclops' pointy-little head. I managed to do 67 points to the building out of the 90 CF. Both my Griffin and the Crusader heat spike, so they'll be pretty ineffective next turn.

mgb eot 6

Turn 6: The Cyclops manages to get out of the building and tries to escape the Barghest and that triple-damned Heavy Gauss, which hits that Right Leg again, reducing it to a single structure point. The Crab runs the other way around the building to get some "face time" with the Cyclops next turn while helping the Griffin put some hurt on the Zeus. The Crusader just mills about smartly, waiting for his heat to hit an operational range.

mgb eot 7

Turn 7: The Cyclops, still on Bath Salts, decides running through a building again is a better idea than running past the Crab. So the Cyclops failed his PSR, broke his right leg (the one that had a single structure point left) off, then found out OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT THIS SIDE OF THE BUILDING HAS A BASEMENNNNNNNNNT... He falls a level, rolls for falling damage and gives himself a head hit and a CT crit chance. You just can't make this stuff up. At least he's prone at elevation -1 and no one can see him...

mgb t7 two crits

The Crusader was put out of action with a Heavy Gauss to his Left Leg, which blew it clean off. Kinda-sorta good news for Greg, the Zeus shot the Griffin in the back hard enough that the Griffin took and failed a PSR.

At this point the fight is called with two of Gregs units having less walking appendages than what they started the game with. Greg was never able to concentrate enough hurt on me to breach my armor. A decisive victory for me with two of his 'Mechs in Forced Withdrawal.


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