Napoleon's Maxim

Which wisdom from the Little Corporal am I talking about? Read and find out...


Remember: Going around things is better than going through them.

Tony's Take-Out

So this turn in the Campaign I attempted to pivot and take Tony out of Vama.

Payback in Cash

I got some payback for the last battle.

Taken down by gnats

You can swat only so many of these guys at a time.

Missed it by that much

I played a teaching game with my friend Robert.

Get the Centurion!

I welcome Philip back to Battletech from a 10 year hiatus.

The long way

We tried out a new scenario.

War At Sea

A change of pace. From futuristic Battlemechs to WWII ships.

Close enough to shave with

60,000 BV on one table, at one time. W-O-W.

We are the Dead

"It seemed like the thing to do at the time..."


I just had my first battle of this Brush War Campaign. I thought I was in a pretty good position.

Fall down, go BOOM

Ernie and I showed up at Mid-South Hobbies today to kick off the Brush War Campaign, and have a pick-up game to get back into the Battletech mood.

A 'Wild Hair' Batrep

Today's Lesson: If you're going to try some new tactics, study them before the battle. Don't wing new tactics on the fly.

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