To-Hit Computer Reimagined

on 10.04.2020
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A hand-held GATOR To-Hit Computer

I just had this dropped on me. SteampunkArena (a nom de plume for sure) came up with a reimagined GATOR (Gunnery, Attacker, Terrain, Other and Range) hand-held card to easily figure out your to-hit number without falling back on your Differiental Calculus degree.

Found here, Total Warfare Handheld Reference Card is a PDF file you can get for "what you think it's worth." You print it out on cardstock, cut on the lines and fit them into standard card sleeves. You then mark it up with a dry-erase marker.

Here's the really fun part. The reverse of the card has a "WOW Meter" where you can accumulate points for doing amazing stuff, like doing a successful DFA and your four damage location dice all turn up 6's, essentially pushing the cockpit down to where the belly button would be, if 'Mechs had belly buttons.


Give this person money for this and download it. They deserve it. This is awesome!

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