The long way

We tried out a new scenario.

I posted an event on the

, so I knew we had to do something special.

The scenario hit me while I was driving home from work one day. Frequently scenarios both teams having an objective and you have to attack theirs while defending your own. You accomplish this by sending a first wave of your fast moving Lights and Mediums, then some Heavies to their objective while keeping your Assaults in cover to protect your objective.

But what if it was flipped? What if you need to keep your Light Mechs behind and send your Assaults out to capture the objective? Thus the "King of Two Hills" scenario was born.

And on the appointed Day, at the appointed Hour, we had three players show, Tony, John and myself. Tony won the roll to double his forces against John and I. Click on an image for the full size version.

Mark John Tony
tlw mark sm tlw john sm tlw tony sm

Barghest 4T (3/4)
Thunder 2L (3/5)
Marauder 5S (3/5)
Grand Titan 13M (3/5)

Harasser LRM (x2)
Pegasus Hover Tank (3058) (x2)
Spider 7K
Owens 1 Prime
Panther 12K
Cicada 3F
Hunchback 5S
Bushwacker X1
Wraith TR1
(all 4/5 pilots)

Mad Cat D
Man 'O War Prime
Grendel Prime
Fire Falcon F
Masakari C
Mad Cat Mk II
(all 4/5 pilots)

One of the things I did was to add in some of the Brush War objectives for extra points. Tony decided to give the Hellstar "Duel" and the Hellstar pilot, in a 95 ton Assault Mech, decided he was big and brave enough to take on... the Cicada, less than half his size. I'll bet that Hellstar pilot gets a lot of towels snapped on his butt in the Clan Locker Room after this.

When I imagined this scenario, I also imagined that there would be contact on the very first turn considering how close the mechs could get during the setup. Tony however, set it up so the objectives are almost to the extreme ends on the long axis of an 8 foot board.

So Tony took Utah while John and I got Gold.

tlw tony setup sm  tlw markjohn setup sm

Turn 1, Tony had his Fire Falcon, Grendel and Man O' War go prone behind his objective and advanced the rest of his forces in a tight group up the gut. John kept his Owens, Hunchback, Spider and Panther at our objective. This would prove telling, because we were scoring 7 points to Tony's 3 every turn. The Cicada started a flanking maneuver to try and draw Mr. Courageous out of the main fight and I was obliquely moving into the determined contact zone.

Turn 2 was not a good turn for me. Tony devoted most, if not all of his firepower on my Marauder, savaging it with three Gauss Rifles and 2 PPC's, knocking my center torso down to 5 points of armor and almost penetrating a leg. The Marauder passed his PSR to stay upright, but he knows his seconds are limited.

Turn 3 and Tony splits his forces, sending the Mad Cat MkII and the Supernova one way around a butte, while the Masakari and the Madcat keep up with Mr. Courageous going the other way to shame him on. Tony continued to pour firepower into the Marauder. He does another 60 points of damage, getting through the armor on the center torso and the left arm. Tony gets two crits, both engine hits, so the Marauder turns away after firing, he is now out of the fight and is going to try and survive to get points by making it off the board.

John brought TAG equipment in the Pegasi to work with the semi-guided LRMs in the Harassers. Too bad the gunners were drunk, cross-eyed, or both. I don't think he successfully tagged a single time in the entire game.

Turn 4 everybody focus fires on the Mad Cat, stripping most of the armor off while the Hellstar and Cicada continue their dance.

Turn 5 I advance my Thunder up the gut, closing with the Mad Cat to put it out of my misery... and I whiff. Almost noboy else does though, and through an ammo explosion, the Mad Cat is forced to withdraw. The Gargoyle managed to kill one Pegasus and severely hurt the other.

The Thunder chases the Mad Cat, shooting him in the back and knocking him over as Tony's assault star piles into the Thunder's back, destroying the AC20. The Thunder fails the PSR and hits the ground hard. The Hellstar finally managed to hit the Cicada in a spot he hit earlier, killing it. Yay! The Big, Bad Clanner squashed a bug.

The Supernova shuts down when he spikes his heat to 20, then fails the first shutdown roll. The Thunder manages to get within scoring range of the objective before dissolving under a massive fuislade of fire.

It was pretty much at this point the game was called. While Tony made a lot of points by successfully completing his special objective, the extra four points John and I had been accumulating per turn more than made up for it. John and I won by a 30% margin on points.

I would have liked to have seen this played on the short axis, as more of the "big guys" would have made it to the other zone, but hey, data points is data points. Sometimes finding out what not to do is more important than finding out what works.

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