Taken down by gnats

You can swat only so many of these guys at a time.

This was my first battle of the 3rd round of the Memphis Brush War campaign. I faced Kenny with my “heavy” command, the stipulation for this command was that no unit could weigh less than 65 tons.

Mark Kenny
gnats mark sm  gnats kenny sm

All Pilots 4/5
Archer -9K
Awesome -9Q
Glory Tank (3090 upgrade)
Marauder -5R
Schiltron Tank, Prime
Everyone but the Awesome was in
a C3 network, the Schiltron was the Master Node.

All Pilots 4/5

Devastator -1D
Hatchetman -3F
Drillson Tank (SRM) x2
Warrior VTOL x2
Toro A-6
Warhammer -6D
Asterion Battle Armor x4
Karnov VTOL
Locust -1M
Locust -1E

gnats eot 0 smTurn 1: Other than advancing, no shooting, which is the norm for BattleTech games. I did fire off an Arrow IV, aiming to a point to land next turn.

gnats eot 1 smTurn 2: Kenny starts executing a beautiful double-envelopment maneuver, with his Locusts on my left flank and the Karnov, Drillsons and Warriors on the other. The Karnov lands on the other side of the butte the Marauder and Schiltron were, while the Drillsons and Warriors kept going balls to the wall around said butte. I moved my Archer into a good position to welcome the Locusts next turn, leaving the Awesome and Glory to move up the middle.

For shooting, my turn 1 Arrow IV shot I aimed at a moderately good location. The target hex was right in front of the Warhammer stopped. My shot had a MoF of one, which meant it could have landed on the head of the Warhammer if I rolled a 2, or splashed the Warhammer on a 1, or the Warhammer and Toro on a 3. I haz a sad because I rolled a 4.

I also tried shooting the Warriors with the Marauder and direct fire with the Schiltron, missing all around due to the high modifiers.

gnats eot 2 smTurn 3: The Warriors flew right around my Schiltron/Marauder and went for the back of the Awesome. The Drillsons stopped two hexes away and started pounding on the Schiltron. Kenny’s Locusts did an excellent fake and my Archer got to my left flank to find only unoccupied territory. The Locusts had actually made it back to the middle of the board. The Karnov disgorged the Battle Armor and waited out the end of the turn. The Warhammer and Devastator kept marching up the board behind the woods where I couldn’t see or shoot them. My poor Marauder was doing the “what the heck was that?” and staring off blindly into space.

During shooting the Glory managed to kill one of the Warriors with a tail rotor hit. I also finally managed to notice I had *TWO* Arrow IV’s on my Schiltron.

gnats eot 3 smTurn 4: This is really where it started to go bad for me. The Karnov took off and flew up behind the Schiltron and using its ECM, jammed the Schiltron and collapsed my C3 network. A Locust got right behind my Marauder, still thinking units were going to come around the butte left-to-right in front of him, a Drillson, the Warrior and a Locust surrounded the Schiltron. The Awesome turned to present its front to an entire Lance of ‘Mechs coming at it and still got a Drillson in his rear. The Warhammer/Devastator combo made it into the woods to where they could shoot out but I couldn’t shoot in. The Archer is trying to recover from his error, but the noose is closing in on me fast.

Once the shooting started, the Locust, Warrior and a Drillson started seriously pounding on the Schiltron until it died. The Glory managed to kill the Drillson by the Schiltron and the other Drillson shot without effect into the back of the Awesome. The other Locust got to open a small hole in the back of the Marauder.

gnats eot 4 smTurn 5: To the Pain. The Marauder finally gets a clue he’s in Deep Doo-Doo and tries to get to safety. Too bad the Locust is faster than him and stays right on his back. The Warrior, keeping his movement modifier up, flies back to the Awesome, directly behind him. The Glory backs up and turns to catch the last Drillson in its sights. The Karnov lines up with the Locust into the back of the Marauder.

Shooting phase, the Glory hits the Warrior in the engine and the helicopter autorotates downward… right into water and drowns. Just as the Toro and two Battle Armors kill the Glory. The Karnov and Locust open the back of the Marauder even more. The Archer hits the Locust -1M hard enough that he goes into Forced Withdrawal.

gnats eot 5 smTurn 6: The Marauder really gets into the “FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW!” mode. The Locust -1M likewise gets a case of the sensibles and heads toward his edge of the board. Too bad the Locust and Karnov are still faster and remain right behind him. The Awesome becomes the MVP of my side, he has been absorbing a massive amount of fire for several turns and refuses to go down. The Archer sees the writing on the wall and starts to withdraw.

Shooting means the end of the Glory, but not before he blows the leg off the Locust behind the Marauder.

gnats eot 6 smTurn 7: The Marauder makes it closer to the edge of the board while the Archer rushes to meet it. The Awesome continues to stand fast, even while the Hatchetman wants to give him a hug.

During shooting, the Marauder is pummeled enough that he falls over.

gnats eot 7 smTurn 8: The Archer gets into an unwilling threesome with the Toro in his face and the Drillson behind him. Everyone else surrounds the Awesome. The Marauder gets up and makes it off the board with an engine hit, a gyro hit and two points left in the CT structure.

Shooting, the Archer manages to knock the Toro down, while the Awesome finally falls from the sheer volume of firepower aimed at it.

At this point the game is called due to time.

gnats eot 8 smAfter action review:

I love my Awesome. He stood up to a Lances’ worth of heavy ‘Mechs for four turns, losing over half his armor and receiving a total of two internal hits in his left arm. He was doing some sick breakdancing moves avoiding most of everything thrown at him.

Kenny played magnificently. He collapsed my right flank, my C3 network and my C3 Master on turn 4. The Marauder never got a clear shot at anyone, thus was mostly ineffective. He left flank feint took my Archer out of the fight for several turns. His cheap forces tied up my heavy hitters all the while the Devastator/ Toro/ Hatchetman/ Warhammer core of his forces kept advancing, squeezing me into a smaller and smaller operating area.

I would have been even more impressed… if I wasn’t the focus of his efforts.

I managed to escape with 7,014 points while Kenny took the battle commandingly with 12,487.

I’ll call it in Kenny’s favor.

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