Payback in Cash

I got some payback for the last battle.

A couple of weeks ago in the first round battles of this Brush War Campaign, I was on the receiving end of a severe beat-down by Kenny. Time for some payback.
I went out and found some different variants to help compensate for Kenny’s high-mod VTOLs and tiny vehicles. I loaded up on Pulse Lasers and LB-X Autocannons to counter them.

Mark Kenny
payb mark sm payb kenny sm
Barghest -7S (3/5)
Bushwacker -L1 (3/5)
Bushwacker -X1 (X2, 4/5)
Crab -27sl (3/5)
Griffin -1DS (3/5)
Thunder -2L (4/5)
Jenner -D (4/5)
Total 12,032 points
All pilots 4/5
Charger -1A5
Warhammer -6D
Toro -A-6
Hatchetman -3F x2
Field Gun Infantry x2 LAC-5
Foot Infantry x4
Lightning -G16T x2
Chippewa -W5
Total 11,047 points

I had two units attacking and one supporting, while Kenny had one unit supporting. This is why I had 12,000 to his 11,000 points. We both had our “Variance” set to 1%, which meant the couple points we went over were fine.

Kenny had all of the infantry, the Warhammer and one Hatchetman in hidden deployment. We both walked onto the board otherwise.

Turn 1: I moved everyone forward as one group, except for the Griffin and Jenner out on my left flank. I had the intention to spread them out before the aircraft (and bombs) got there. Kenny’s aircraft came down way to my left, intending to do a “J” hook into my rear.

No shooting (of course).
payb eot 1 smTurn 2: Kenny’s three visible units were a little too obvious in heading to my left, intending to drag my forces that way and into his hiding units. I was willing to play along to a point. I spread out some, intending to be far enough apart by next turn to minimize his bombs. The aircraft ended up on the next board over, ready to lay me some love on me next turn.

No effective hitting this turn.

payb eot 2 sm

Never interrupt your opponent when his is making a mistake. – Napoleon”

Turn 3: The Jenner blazes forward, intending to take refuge in a one hex copse of light woods, and stumbles right into a platoon of FG Infantry and catches eight LAC/5’s the hard way. The right arm gets forcibly separated from the ‘Mech, he loses a jump jet and gets an engine hit from a golden BB. Yeah, he fell over. The Bushwacker likewise catches a cluster of seven LAC/5’s, finding the other FG Infantry, a regular infantry and the Warhammer in that copse of forest. He fared better and remained upright. The Warhammer did not fire when he revealed himself, likely because the Barghest right in front of him was inside the minimum range of the PPC’s.

The rest of the infantry also reveal themselves as well as the other Hatchetman on the other side of the river.

No aircraft this turn, even though we could see them. Kenny forgot to move them. I didn’t notice either to remind him.

Shooting: The Barghest, Thunder and Bushwacker starts pounding on the Warhammer while the Bushwacker –L1, Griffin and Crab started pounding on the Toro. The Warhammer was brutalized with 61 points of damage, however it was too dispersed to hurt.

payb eot 3 smTurn 4: The Warhammer tries to move away, but doesn’t get very far. One of my Bushwackers runs away from the infantry to get into the face of the pink Hatchetman. The Charger backs up into the Bushwackers rear arc. The Jenner gets up and runs away from the infantry and into the rear arc of the Charger. My Bushwacker –L1 moves in on the Field Gun infantry. The Barghest, Thunder, and Crab reposition themselves to get a better shot at the Warhammer, while the last Bushwacker is the right flank anchor awaiting the arrival of the Hatchetman coming in behind him.

Shooting: The Barghest, Thunder Crab and Bushwacker lay another severe beatdown on the Warhammer. It’s starting to look like the “500 fights” scene with Vin Diesel in Knockaround Guys. The Bushwacker –L1 tears up the Field Gun Infantry and drives them into Forced Withdrawal. The Griffin rings the bell of the Charger with an LRM cluster to the head.

Aircraft: These guys finally get on the scene and line up behind my Griffin and the sides of the Bushwacker –L1 and the Crab. Both of the Lightning’s AC-20’s miss.
Physical: The Charger hauls off and delivers a kick that not only removes the Bushwackers leg, but half the side torso armor as well. He’s down but still has some fight left in him.

payb eot 4 smTurn 5: The Pink Hatchetman, the Bushwacker -L1 and a stand of infantry get together for come coffee. The Field Gun Infantry decides they’d rather get Starbucks to go and moves to leave the area. The Jenner, Thunder, Barghest decide to surround and finish the Warhammer. The Hatchetman sneaks up on the Bushwacker in the woods while he, the crab and the Griffin line up on the Toro.

Shooting: The Jenner, Thunder and Barghest end the Warhammer with a beatdown that leaves it as a pile of unsalvageable scrap.

beatdownThe Bushwacker -1L eliminates the Field Gun Infantry with a cluster shot from its’ LB-X 20. The Bushwacker, Crab and Griffin let loose on the Toro, but it’s the magic BB from the Griffin that causes an Engine and Gyro hit that puts him into FW.

In the most amazing shot of the day, the legless Bushwacker lifts himself up on one arm, takes aim with his AC/10 and plants that shell squarely between the eyes of the Charger pilot, taking the head off with damage to spare and dropping an almost untouched ‘Mech.

Aircraft: The aircraft come back in, and again the AC/20’s miss on low to-hit backshots which could have been devastating.

Physical, the only one we had that would have had any effect was the Hatchet on the back of the Bushwacker, which missed.

payb eot 5 smAAR: Kenny missed probably 40% of his shots, the vast majority of those misses had a MOF of 1-2. In other words, the family luck held. I kept my to-hit numbers down and used the tactics of "anchor and fire/wheel and flank" in my maneuvers and most of all I focus fired everything on to a few units.

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