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This battalion is a rebirth of my first unit, the 101st Irregulars.

Most of my Unseens are here that I bought in Guam in the late 80's. Then life happened and they were packed away for 15-20 years. Because I had each lance painted in their own theme (arctic, forest, urban, etc.) I stripped them down and repainted them red in a uniform paint scheme. With this scheme, they became the 2nd battalion of Kristen's Krushers.

First Company

krushers 11

Hollander, Jenner, Jenner, Locust

krushers 12

Locust and a trio of Centurions

krushers 13

Cicada, Lobster, and a pair of Dervishes

Second Company

krushers 21

Rifleman, Rifleman, Thunderbolt, War Dog

krushers 22

Battlemaster, Warhammer, Warhammer, Marauder

krushers 23

Archer, Prefect, Rifleman, Marauder

Third Company

krushers 31

Longbow, Longbow, Battlemaster, Longbow

krushers 32

Awesome, Behemoth, Highlander, Zeus

krushers 33

Annihilator, King Crab, Banshee, Atlas

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