Group W

on 24.03.2019
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I'm sure you're heard of Group W, the ruthlessly efficient mercanaries known as the "Lightning Warriors." These guys aren't them.

This is a group of misfits named after the mythical "Group W bench" in an old Terran folk song about a restauraunt that really wasn't about the resturaunt. The singer relates while being drafted into one of the old Terran nationalistic armies 500 years ago, at one point he laments, "...I'm sitting here on the Group W bench 'cause you want to know if I'm moral enough to join the Army burn women, kids, houses and villages after being a litterbug..." Group W is now two battalions strong, the second (below) is Battle Armor and vehicles so these misfits are now a combined arms unit, and with Kirsten't Krushers, combine to form my 1st Regimental Combat Team.

---First Battalion---

First Company

groupw 11

RAC Shadowhawks and a Raven

groupw 12

Bushwackers and a Raven

groupw 12

Locusts and a Bloodhound

Second Company

groupw 21

Marauder, Rifleman, RAC Centurion, Griffin

groupw 22

Dragon, RAC Rifleman, Thunder, Hammerhands

groupw 23

Crab, Mauler, Crab, Guillotine

Third Company

groupw 31

Archers with a Longbow

groupw 32

Zeus, Golaith, Barghest, Atlas II

groupw 33Orion, Battlemaster, Atlas, Grand Titan

---Second Battalion---

First Company

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