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I welcome Philip back to Battletech from a 10 year hiatus.

So the other day I contacted by Philip who was interested in starting up Battletech again after putting it down 10 years ago to become a game designer. You can find his games at Wyvern Gaming.

I made a list for him and made sure nothing was too special in either list. The only "advanced" equipment was I brought a Centurion and a Shadow Hawk with RAC-5's. All pilots were 4/5.

Mark Philip
 mark sm  philip sm
Centurion CN9-D5
Bushwacker BSW-X1
Bushwacker BSW-X1
Shadow Hawk SHD-5D
Barghest BGS-3T
Grand Titan T-IT-N11M
Locust LCT-1S
Locust LCT-1S
Cicada CDA-3F
Dervish DV-8D
Dervish DV-8D
Warhammer WHM-4L
Atlas AS7-K

I let Philip pick and position the maps. He went to connect two small lakes by a river and to take that side. Here we are, set up and ready to go.

gtc eot 0 sm

Philip starts out with a double envelopment maneuver, running the Locusts around the lake on his left flank, the Cicada and a Dervish for his right flank and the other Dervish, Warhammer and Atlas are using the level 2 hill as a tactical high ground. I kept my forces somewhat together, splitting them to go around a small lake.

gtc eot 1 smTurn two he runs his Locusts right up in front of my Grand Titan, Bushwacker and Shadow Hawk. All three ravage the Locusts, blowing the right arm off of one and the left arm off the other. I also penetrated into the head structure on both, destroying the life support on one. Both are without question in forced withdrawal. Philip  jumps his right flank Cicada and Dervish over the river, advancing toward my flank units of the Centurion and Barghest who are waiting for them patiently under cover in a copse of woods. My other Bushwacker hides in his own copse, holding the center.

gtc eot 2 smTurn 3, I remind Philip about the concept of "initiative sinks," (i.e. moving inconsequential forces first) so he does the "FEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW!" tactic for the Locusts, they both immediately turn and hightail it back to his board edge. My Shadow Hawk positions itself to provide "covering fire" to the Locusts, however their modifiers were too high for the Shadow Hawk to hit them. Philip's right flank runs up on my Barghest and Centurion, now joined by the Bushwacker. This creates a five-Mech scrum of point-blank shooting and kicking. Those woods will be a pile of toothpicks by the end of the battle. The Grand Titan advances out in the open, yelling, "COME AT ME BRO!" while Philip's center forces are making their way over the hill and through the river.

gtc eot 3 smTurn 4 and Philip "init sinks" his Locusts right off the Battlefield. He also announces, "I will consider this game a win if I can kill the Centurion." The Warhammer, after wading through the river and back onto solid ground, gets run up on by the Grand Titan who says, "Let me show you all of these great short-range weapons I can use on you!" The Bargest and Bushwacker turn to help the Grand Titan, leaving the Centurion to the tender mercies of the Cicada and Dervish, who are going to town on the Centurion like Mobsters on Joe Pesci. My other Bushwacker and Shadow Hawk continue to wade through the heavy woods to get flank shots on the Atlas.

Speaking of the Atlas, he moves from a level 1 hill into level 1 water and in a fine display of grace and control, fails his PSR and faceplants into the river. Luckily, he only took half-damage and there were no breaches.

gtc 4 faceplant smThe Warhammer gets his left torso opened up from the fulislade of fire. End of turn 4.

gtc eot 4 smTurn 5 and now the bolts and bullets are flying. Philip's Warhammer falls back while his Atlas stands up to give everyone clear fire at the Grand Titan. My Bushwacker and Shadow Hawk peek out of the woods and pour fire into the Atlas. My Bushwacker turns to the Cicada and the Barghest lines up for a back shot on the Dervish. The Dervish and Cicada finally finish off the Centurion, after pounding on him like a Joe Pesci Pinata. The Barghest destroys the right arm of the Dervish and penetrates the left torso but doesn't get any crits.

Philip's Warhammer and Atlas concentrate on the Grand Titan, which gets knocked over from the volumn of firepower inflicted upon it. The Grand Titan, Bushwacker and Shadow Hawk return the favor, penetrating into the left torso of the Atlas but not causing any crits (notice a pattern here?).

The Bushwacker though, he did good. The Bushwacker hit the Cicada with his large laser and AC10, both hit with center torso critical hits, plus got one internal point from the damage. Those three crit rolls generated three engine hits, destroying the Cicada with a well-timed bit of revenge for the Centurion.

gtc eot 5 smAt this point, the clock on the wall called the game. In the final tally I killed the Cicada and chased both Locusts off the board for a total of 1,769 points, while Philip's kill of the Centurion earned him a total of 1,738 points.

If the game had continued, I was in pretty good shape. Only the Grand Titan had any significant armor ablation, everyone else on my side was either untouched or still in the "paint scratched" level of armor damage. Philip's forces were way worse off. I had him 5 to 4 in units and three of his units had internal damage.

I think in turn 6 I would have killed the Warhammer and crippled the flanking Dervish. Turn 7 would have seen my Grand Titan and his Atlas both go down, and my Barghest would have finished off the crippled Dervish.

A very good game for someone who hadn't played Battletech in 10 years. I would be glad to see Philip on the field of battle again, as either friend or foe.

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