Fall down, go BOOM

Ernie and I showed up at Mid-South Hobbies today to kick off the Brush War Campaign, and have a pick-up game to get back into the Battletech mood.

Tony showed up and we decided to play a 2-on-1 battle. Tony won the choice to double his forces and take Ernie and I on.

Here were our forces:



Awesome 9Q, 3/5 Pilot

Highlander 732, 3/5 Pilot

Longbow 12C, 2/4 Pilot

Marauder 5S, 3/5 Pilot

Ernie's Forces:



All Pilots 4/5

(3) Bushwackers L1's

(2) Shadow Hawk IIC-3


Tony's Forces:


3/4 Pilots

Night Wolf / Vulture Prime

4/5 Pilots

Naga Prime / Vulture C / Dasher A / Uller B

Vixen / Masakari / Cougar

(3) Elemental squads

Turn 1

We used Tony's terrain, especially his new "flexible rivers, which he was real proud of." No Shooting, of course. The Naga hides behind a rock and starts lobbing guided Arrow IV's.

Turn 2

The Firemoth moved around to the flank and dropped his Elementals off about two seconds before being vaporized by a fusillade of fire from the Longbow, Awesome and Marauder. The Firemoth (who had the only TAG for the guided Arrow IV's) took a total of 3 PPC's, 2 LRM-20's and a Gauss Rifle.  One of the Bushwackers tries to ford a small stream, whereupon he fails his PSR and faceplants into the water. Gausszilla and the Nightwolf take some potshots at the Highlander, who does a Matrix-esque dodging of three Gauss shots, only to fail the landing. The Highlander fails his PSR, gets a thru-armor critical on the side torso, and detonates his LRM 20 ammunition, putting himself into forced withdrawal. I guess he really didn't want to be there.

eot 2eot 2a

Turn 3

The Marauder, standing on a hill, starts taking pot shots at the Nightwolf, While the Awesome concentrates on the Cougar, the Longbow starts hammering on the Gausszilla, who tries to return the favor. It seems the Gausszilla can't hit a Dropship if he was in the bay. A Bushwacker starts working on the Firemoths Elemental squad. The Highlander is slowly backing up popping off Gauss rounds all over the place. The rest of Ernie's forces are trying to hold the center and perform a turning maneuver on Tony's forces.

eot 3


Turn 4

The Marauder pilot must have Spidey sense, because he vacates the top of the hill right before a couple of Arrow IV rounds land tight there. The Stormcrow (in heavy forest) decides to go toe-to-toe with the Nightwolf... and lives through the experience. The Longbow advances and concentrates fire on Gausszilla, knocking him over. The Gausszilla pilot can't seem to find his aiming reticule. A Bushwacker joins the Stormcrow in hammering the Nightwolf, knocking it over. Another Arrow IV volley lands, this time one deviates enough that it lands right on top of the Firemoth's Elementals. The 10 point barrage strips all of their armor off. The Bushwacker closes both eyes before firing off his LB-X 20 and wipes the squad out. Here they thought they were lucky... Gausszilla finally finds his reticule and starts exchanging heavy fire with the Longbow. Both go down, however the Longbow took enough firepower from the (now dead) Elementals, the Arrow IV and the Gauss rounds that he gets a critical hit on every spot of his left leg, resulting in a +6 PSR. The Shadow Hawks complete their envelopment and tie up a large part of Tony's forces in a large fur-ball. We have a total of four Mechs under Forced Withdrawal. Marks Highlander and Tony's Night Wolf, Cougar and Gausszilla.

eot 4


Turn 5

Last turn. Gausszilla kills the Longbow with a crit to the LRM-20 Ammunition, who in return puts the finishing touches on him. The fur ball turns into a Mosh pit as the fighting is so furious they all end up on the ground.


everybody down

Final Tally:

Mark & Ernie,

Dead: Bushwhacker, Longbow.

Forced Withdrawal: Both Shadow Hawks, Highlander.


Dead: Firemoth

Forced Withdrawal: Night Wolf, Cougar and Gausszilla.

Tony ended up with about 1,000 more BV than Mark & Ernie, which at 20K is in the "draw" Category.

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