Aerospace Movement Markers

on 21.03.2022
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Play aerospace ground combat? You need this.

This new idea is rating it's own article for the construction. You will find this and my other game-enchancing accoutrements in my article Game Aids.

It’s actually rare I throw Aerospace fighters into my games. I run 1-2 mapsheets, so if they do make an appearance, it’s along one hexline, they do their deed and they’re gone for the next pass in a turn or two. That being said, I did play in a multi-person game and the one player who did bring aerospace use on-board maneuvering. This popped out of my head a few days later, and I thought I’d share it with you.

First step, you’ll need to visit the “gift ideas” section of Wal-Mart, or your favorite craft store. Get a spool of bow ribbon, preferably multiple colors. The other stop is the hardware store’s hardware section. You want a washer size that fits in whatever hex size you’re using.

AeroMove1 am

Next grab your hot gun (or superglue) and thread one end of a ribbon through the hole in the middle. Have enough slack so that the end of the ribbon is at the edge of the washer.
Put a drop of your chosen adhesive on the washer and press the ribbon onto that spot. Once that sets, flip the washer over and glue that part of the ribbon to the washer.

AeroMove2 sm
Next, figure out how many hexes you want the movement leg to be, cut the ribbon a little longer, thread the ribbon through the hole, set it for the proper length, and then give the ribbon a final trim and glue as you did with the first one.

AeroMove3 sm
Below are 8, 12 and 16-hex legs. Notice the different colors so you can tell the lengths apart by color.

AeroMove4 sm
To represent your path, lay them out, when it comes time to turn, put the new leg on the stopping point of the old one.

AeroMove5 sm
Since this is minimum movement you must travel, you can use longer lengths or “scrunch” a longer one to get to where you’re turning.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to suggest any improvements.

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