1st Davion Guards

on 25.03.2019
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This is a short battalion of the 1st Davion Guards.

This battalion is comprised of the "PlastiTech" 'Mechs from the 25th Anniversary box. I use them as a "loaner battalion" to new players who want to play but don't have their own miniatures yet. I am in the process of painting the 3rd Company.


First Company

davion 11

Commando, Jenner, Spider, Panther

davion 12

Enforcer, Hermes II, Cicada, Trebuchet

davion 12

Whitworth, Clint, Assassin, Hunchback

Second Company

davion 21

Dervish, Grasshopper, Jagermech, Vindicator

davion 22

Quickdraw, Awesome, Catapult, Dragon

davion 23

Banshee, Cyclops, Atlas, Zeus

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