Okay, I managed to finally complete the two battle reports that have been in my queue for a while. See them below, The Long Way and Get The Centurion!

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I have been working behind the scenes to rearrange and upgrade things. I have added new articles, rewrote other articles and added lots of pictures. I am also not done yet. More articles, pictures and rewrites are coming down the road, as I do them in my copius free time. If you notice, there are now four sections under the banner. I have decided to separate scenarios and campaigns we develop into their own section.


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Dear Harmony Gold,

So you have reared your ugly, spiteful, malicious head yet again, to "protect" Intellectual Property that quite frankly, should be on the verge of becoming public domain. Because you waited until Harebrained Schemes got their Battletech game into beta testing before asserting your IP lawsuit, it is apparent that you waited for a timing that would cause the most damage to the project. Your demands at this stage puts HBS into into the difficult choice of either paying your extortion, or conducting a major rewrite of the software so as not to infringe on your IP. Either of these choices could force the abandonment of the entire project, thus leaving in the lurch thousands of Battletech fans, deepening their already bottomless hatred of your company.

I have decided to proudly display my collection of Unseen Mechs, most of which I have had since the 1980's. I have also decided to suggest that you take that lawsuit, carefully fold it until it is nothing but sharp corners, then forcefully shove it through and past your rectum and don't stop until it reaches about about halfway through your large intestine. I have a broom handle I am willing to send you as a tool to help you reach that goal.

Sincerely, go screw yourselves.


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I had a long-time friend pass away unexpectedly several days ago. I drove the 600+ miles up there to comfort his family and give my final farewells to him.

His family gave me a couple of boxes of his games, because he was (and I am) a big strategy game fan. I have not checked these for completeness yet, once you see the list you'll see why. I have links for all games to BoardGameGeek so you can see exactly what the game is and all that. Let me know if you are interested to buy a game. One marked as such is for sale, the others negotiable. All proceeds will go to his widow. If anyone else would be interested in playing them, please let me know.

Here they are, by publisher:


Stocks & Bonds

Avalon Hill

Panzer Armee Afrika
Up Front
G.I. Anvil of Victory (SL gamette)
Wooden Ships and Iron Men (for sale, I have a copy already)


The Generals (electronic Stratego) Unknown if it works.

Parker Brothers



Dark Shadows

Yaquinto Publications

Battles & Leaders (ACW)

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My roster builder spreadsheet is a complex creature, developed over several years, occasionally finding mistakes and frequently adding functionality. Sometimes the "adding functionality" actually "adds mistakes."

In developing a force the other day that had C3 and non-C3 units, I discovered that the C3 bonus was being added to units not partaking of the C3 network. That formula has now been fixed and thus version 5.0.1 now awaits your downloading pleasure.

Mark's Roster Builder

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