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How many reams of paper have you consumed building a unit list for Battletech? I have an answer you might like.

The Battletech Roster Builder is an Excel spreadsheet I have created to help you generate lists easily and quickly. It has come a long way from the first time I put it together. This version uses Macros, just so you're aware when Excel asks you to enable macros you don't freak out.

I am not going to duplicate the documentation I have carefully writted and edited to explain all of the features to you. I will say you can list up to two hundred line items (a Locust LCT-1V and a Locust LCT-3S would be considered two separate line items) and up to five pilots for each line item.

You also can have up to 3 C3/C3i networks and 2 Boosted C3 networks, each scored separately from the others.

When you print, it will handle up to 50 units. You can also have Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) for up to four Battalions, IS, Clan or Comstar/WOB.

6.3 now also prints a "Battle Report Form" so you can make notes about the battle, your opponents list and help you determine who won.

My only suggestions to you are these:

  • Read the instructions before diving into it head first.
  • Contact me if you have any questions or comments. If you feel I should be compensated for my effort, I accept payment in miniatures, cash, cash equivalents, etc.

Battletech Roster Builder Version 6.3

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